Exterior Painting

Ohio Paint Guy is a TOP Rated Exterior Painting Specialist

We make it affordable to paint the exterior of your home, whether it be your house, trim, deck, fence, porch, rails, etc.. — If you are considering getting your house painted, you need to factor in the effects of the climate. The exterior of your house is particularly prone to climate related painting issues like paint cracking, flaking, and mildew. Exposure to moisture, humidity, and high temperatures usually are the culprits.

Sunlight, wind, rain, and salty weather can all wear out exterior paint. Mildew is another problem that occurs because of humidity. Mildew is a thin coating of fungus that grows on damp surfaces, and it cannot be painted over. Securing the right expertise to complete your painting mission is pivotal to exterior paint durability and for this home improvement task to be completed with acumen. When you hire Ohio Paint Guy, we will provide you with an exterior painting warranty (covered for two full years). Our exterior painting specialist will guide you to the perfect quality paint job available to meet your budget.