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Ohio Paint Guy is Lancaster Ohio’s Premier Roof Cleaning Contractor

A dirty roof is not just an eyesore, but can also be a costly disaster in the making. A home’s roof is the resting place for many dangerous organisms, including lichens, moss and algae that can erode shingles and eventually destroy the wood sheathing under the roofing materials.

In addition to the obvious risk, rotting wood creates the ideal condition for the growth of mold, which poses serious health risks to all the residents. When a roof is neglected to the extent that it starts leaking, it could lead to widespread damage, including rotting walls and ceilings.

Luckily, the organisms that damage roofs can be removed very easily by a professional pressure washing company. Cleaning experts at companies like Ohio Paint Guy use their pressure washing technique to safely remove the natural buildup and make your roof last longer. The technique employed is called “softwash,” (read more below).

Ready for an estimate for siding cleaning? Jump over here and provide us with some information that we’ll need to give you an accurate estimate for your pressure washing experience.

The SoftWash Process

Ohio Paint Guy techs use gentle water pressure to apply the cleaning agent, or detergent, and then gently rinse the exterior of your home. We do not use high pressure applications that can damage the surface of your home. Our softwash technique also keeps water from being forced behind the siding, which can lead to more serious damage in the future. Trapped moisture can lead to mold issues.

Among the residential pressure washing services offered by Ohio Paint Guy include house washing and deck and patio cleaning. Beyond this, they will entertain special washing projects, and are even trained in commercial and industrial power washing. If you would like to see our work On Facebook click here. Area’s we service Downtown Columbus, Milo, Grandview Heights, Hanford, Steelton, Bexley, Shepard, Seagrave, Marble Cliff, Valley View

Working During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are pressure washing homes and businesses during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are following local guidelines and will make sure to take every precaution, because we want to keep everyone safe. If you have questions, please contact us or call our office phone 614-321-1725.

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